Two Canons

two trumpets / 4.5 minutes

Two Canons was commissioned by Stephen James and premiered at the Trumpet Festival of the Southeast at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in January 2016. Steve asked me to write a duet for trumpets for a "Two Minute Premiere" concert at the festival. I wanted to create something that would work both as a solo or a duet, so I created the first canon, a slow lyrical piece that emphsizes moments of strong dissonance and utilizes the trumpet's ability to naviage large leaps gracefully. The first canon came in at just over 2.5 minutes, but I didn't want to abandon it altogether. I wrote a second "movement," another canon, in a quicker tempo with more virtuosity that lasts just under two minutes. Either movement can be performed on its own as either a solo or a duet.

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Recording: Steve James and Douglas Lindsey trumpets

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