Let It Be Forgotten

SATB / 4.5 minutes

Let It Be Forgotten is a poem by Sara Teasdale about acceptance and the inevitable peace of forgetting the past. Musically, I conceived it in an eight part polyphonic texture, which expresses the overwhelming emotional burden of painful memories. The thickness of suspensions and dissonant parallel 9ths is relieved periodically by homophonic sections dominated by open, quintal structures. The polyphonic ideas continue to reappear until the end, when the choir finally rests firmly on a simple C Major chord. The polyphonic sections should be approached like one would approach polyphony from the Renaissance—each line coming to the forefront of the texture at the peak of the melodic contour (this is indicated somewhat by dynamics). The homophonic sections should be approached reverently and expressively, like a chorale or hymn, but with free rubato.

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Poem by Sara Teasdale.
Recording: CMU Chamber Singers; Nina Nash-Robertson, conductor

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