The History of Marriage

TTBB, piano / 4.5 minutes

"The History of Marriage" commemorates the historic occasion of marriage equality in the United States, which took place in 2015 through the Supreme Court ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges. LGBTQ people all over the nation celebrated the right to marry in 2015, and among them the Gateway Men's Chorus of St. Louis, MO, who commissioned this work for a special concert in 2016. The text is taken from Justice Anthony Kennedy's eloquent and moving majority opinion:

"Marriage has transformed
strangers into relatives
families into societies

The ancient origins of marriage confirm
The history of marriage is one
of continuity and change
But rights come not from ancient sources alone
We acknowledge history, but contend
Marriage has transformed

It allows two people
to find a life
that could not be found alone."

"The History of Marriage" was commissioned by the Gateway Men’s Chorus of St. Louis, MO with Robert Stumpf, through the generous support of Paul Acker, Ron and Charles Brunk-Parker, Steve Griffin, and Dr. David Hoang.

Recording: The Gateway Men's Chorus, Robert Stumpf conducting, March 11, 2016, The Sun Theater, St. Louis.

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