soprano, countertenor, and piano / 10 minutes

Chrysalis explores the boundaries of mediated transmission. Music, like other forms of art, is mediated by the medium itself and its environment, in this case by time, space, and memory. Gauze shrouds surrounding the singers evoke moth cocoons and are lit from the inside. Alternation between aleatoric and fully determined music highlights the uncertainty of live performance. The piece moves from ambiguous vowel sounds in the first movement to a description of a real-life out-of-body experience by soprano, Justine Aronson. The third movement is a veiled re-interpretation of Thomas Campion's early 17th century lute song, Author of Light..


Recording: Justine Aronson, soprano; Patrick Bonczyk, countertenor; Philip Rice, piano. October 15, 2013.
Hart Recital Hall at Michigan State University.

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