First Sphere +piano / 7.5 minutes

According to medieval Christian theology, angels are divided into hierarchies, which are referred to as "spheres" and are ranked first, second, and third. The First Sphere is made up of powerful beings who surround the throne of God in heaven. The lowest of the First Sphere are the Erelim, seated elders whose existence symbolizes God's justice and authority. The next class of beings is the Cherubim, four-winged creatures who are guardians of light, and the stars. Their wings are covered with eyes, and they have four faces, that of an ox, a man, a lion, and an eagle. The most powerful class of beings under God are the Seraphim; (which means "burning ones"). They are bright, fiery, six-winged creatures who constantly sing praises to the Lord.
First Sphere was the winner in the second annual Kappa Kappa Psi CMU chapter band composition contest, judged by John Mackey.

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